Words: they’re all made up! But some of them are still better than others. Apparently Volkswagen wants to create a new one for an off-roady SUV concept that it will show off later this year.

The report comes from Autocar and claims that the concept will follow VW’s double-z ID nomenclature going by the name Ruggdzz. Unlike the name, though, the features sound pretty good.

It will distinguish itself from the ID.Crozz and the ID.Roomzz, it will reportedly have a boxy profile and rectangular headlights, and a nearly flat roofline with a vertical windshield.
It will distinguish itself from the ID.Buggy by having a roof.

Autocar also reports—and this strains our credulity—that it will have a translucent C-pillar.

The Ruggdzz (it really doesn’t get better the more you say it) will be aimed at the Chinese and North American markets and could inspire derivatives, including an extended three-row model.

With motors over both axles and instant torque, an electric would be physically suited to off-roading and VW has shown it is willing to experiment with the sport thanks to the Buggy.

While this concept would certainly be a welcome one, we're going to season this rumor with a grain of salt.