The prospect of a second Bugatti model has long been talked and while we’re no closer to an actual answer about what it will actually look like, the company’s CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, has at least dropped some interesting tidbits.

Talking to Motor1 , Winkelmann revealed that the car won’t look like anything else on sale today.

“It’s clear that when you think about the second [Bugatti] model you always have to see what [the body style could be],” Winkelmann told the publication . “Believe me, we really looked into every detail of the body style and I think that there is one that is very promising for a company like Bugatti. [It’s a body style] which is not today on the market.”

Whether this is a promise of something truly weird or just bluster—like Audi’s claim that it would be making the only electric SUV after the Model X came out—remains to be seen, but it should at least be interesting to see what the company comes up with, since its customers can basically afford anything.

Following his unusual comments, the CEO then launched into some more common auto exec promises: full electric drivetrain, but not a slowelectric drivetrain, and it would have to be the best of its kind.
The following is a list of body styles we cannot find on sale and would like to see Bugatti create:

Single-seat SUV (maximum storage!)

Convertible 7-seater (Have the guts to be the one to actually do it)

Modern monoposto (Bugatti goes back to its origins)

Flying car (It is the future, after all!)

Sedan (they may not last until this thing gets made)

Amphicar (make it work this time)

Cab-forward van (Bugatti Bulli... Bugulli)

High-power Microcar (the Brabus Smart Car replacement we've all been waiting for)

Feel free to add your own.