A “silly” transmission issue has caused Volkswagen and its land speed Jetta to miss Bonneville Speed Week.

According to a report from Jalopnik , Volkswagen was not present at all at land speed racing event this weekend. When asked why, a VW spokesperson told the publication:

“We had a silly transmission issue on the first dyno run and while it got fixed, it meant we were behind on the program. Instead of making the team work 18 hour days, we decided to give this one a miss and go back in September.”

As a result, the Jetta hasn’t taken the record in the 2-liter Blown Gas Coupe category (208.472 mph) that it was shooting for.

But fear not, Jetta-lovers! Volkswagen hasn’t given up on the record. Instead of attending Bonneville Speed Week (the event we all think of when we think of Bonneville) they will return in September for the September Bonneville World of Speed.

This event is run by the Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, rather than the Southern California Timing Association and attracts less of a crowd. Still, a record’s a records and their clocks are just as good as the SCTA’s.

Although it will be fitted with a roll cage, racing seat, and emptied of any unnecessary weight, the Jetta will still run with its 2.0-liter ea888 engine, albeit a modified version to make more than 500 hp.
The car, built by THR Manifacturing has also been lowered and fitted with special wheels, tires, a limited slip diff and even a parachute for duty on the flats.

[source: Jalopnik ]