GTIs look your last, the era of the two-door may be coming to an end. That’s according to Jalopnik’s Mark Baruth , who reports that Megan Garbis, the Product Manager for the Golf line, told him that production of the two-door GTI would soon stop.

Baruth writes that Garbis “noted that the two-door is no more. Although there are some 2017 2-door models in the wild, all production of two-door GTIs will be ceasing in the next couple of weeks.”


According to Baron Smith, Product Planner at Volkswagen of America, a limited number of 2-doors will still be available, but Dr Hendrick Muth , VP of Product Marketing, later confirmed that Volkswagen will be “focusing” the Golf line.

“Our buyers and our dealers say that they want a four-door,” Garbis told Baruth. “Obviously, the Golf R has been a popular car in four-door trim, so we don’t  feel that it will be a deterrent. Our GTI customers have families, and they want to be able to take them with them wherever they go.”

Break out the mourning shawls.