Forbes has reported that the Volkswagen Group of America has purchased a 5% stake in QuantumScape Corporation, a Silicon Valley startup which is actively developing new battery technology that could "more than triple" the range of electric vehicles.  This move comes in sync with the release of Volkswagen's e-Golf in the American marketplace, a car that has helped Volkswagen Group to achieve an 8% share of the EV market in Europe.

In a nutshell, QuantumScape uses a new method of stacking trace materials, leading to higher energy and power densities as well as a longer life expectancy when compared to standard batteries.  The batteries' construction also makes them burn resistant, further improving the safety of electric vehicles.

Once perfected, this technology will be making its way into the roughly twenty hybrids that Volkswagen looks to launch in the coming years.  Read the full piece at Forbes, right here.