According to a report published by Automotive News, Volkswagen of America is considering adding a van (or two) to their lineup in the coming years, most likely as commercial products.  "We are studying this, and personally I believe we should do something based on the technology which we already have in this market, " Volkswagen of America CEO Michael Horn told reporters.  Most likely this refers to Volkswagen's next-generation Crafter and the next generation MQB-based Caddy models as potential offerings.

The commercial van market has changed quite a bit in the last five years and Volkswagen could offer a Sprinter-like competitor as well as a Ford Transit competitor if the market will sustain it.  Outside the US, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has a very strong lineup that sold a total of 445,000 vans and trucks last year, of which Caddy and Crafter made up 148,900 and 49,200 units respectively.  Consider that the Volkswagen Group will be investing $7 Billion dollars in the US market to expand manufacturing capacity and infrastructure, the idea doesn't seem far fetched either.


One can safely assume that the next generation of both the Caddy and Crafter will ride on platforms which will already be offered in the Unites States. Both *could* be offered on the MQB platform, but we haven't seen specs on the all-new Crafter yet. Feasibility is also increased when you consider that there is an MQB facility in North America, and the upcoming seven passenger will be built in Chattanooga.

You can read the full piece over on Automotive News, right here .