Volkswagen already has a plan for how hundreds of thousands of early cheating TDIs will make their way back to market and the first step is allowing dealers to buy them en masse.

Automotive News reports that VW will give dealers the first right of refusal on the many cars that it bought back as part of the dieselgate settlement. The plan can’t yet be effected, though.

Although the EPA has approved a technical modification (fix) that allows the earliest cheating TDIs to conform to emissions regulations, VW hasn’t yet gotten the approval to resell the cars it bought back. According to a spokesperson, that process has historically taken a couple of months.

When the approval comes, though, VW will slowly release the vehicles through its 652 US dealers, according to Hinrich Woebcken, head of the North America region.

"There is, of course, a community of customers who would like to take a look at these cars, once they fulfill the regulations, and that's why we are pretty optimistic that we will have a successful remarketing of those cars," Woebcken told Automotive News.

Volkswagen will be careful about it releases the cars back onto the market, though, to avoid causing spikes or drops in prices. Some cars, though, will never return to the public.

"If the mileage is too high and the residual value is too low, it doesn't make sense [to fix them] anymore," said Herbert Diess, head of the Volkswagen brand. "But the majority of the cars are going to be resold."

[source:  Automotive News ]