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Can someone post any dyno output sheets from their MKIV stock 12v VR6?
The search is down and I am curious to see what people were getting for dyno readouts on a stock VR6. I have a dyno run today to see where I am at and wanted to have a baseline to compare.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Request: stock VR6 dyno readout (2K1Jettaz)

I coudlnt' find where my dyno sheets went, but this is roughly if I remember correctly.
stock was 152hp and around 164lb-ft torque at the wheels.
then I did another run with a custom cai in it.
cai only was 163hp and around 175lb-ft torque at the wheels.
After 2 weeks or so, I did a dyno run with the custom cai and giac chip, but this was at another dyno shop, so the numbers might be off a bit.
cai/garrett was 164hp and 177lb-ft at the wheels...
Hope this helps. It was on my 01' GTI VR6 with around 15000km on it.
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