• Awards presented to winners from ten countries
  • 250 specialists from some 70 nations competed
  • Confirmation of the high quality standards in Service and Sales
Volkswagen honored the overall winners of the Retail Qualification World Championship (RQWC) at a ceremony in Berlin last Friday. Over 250 specialists from some 70 countries qualified for the final. The team from Slovenia took first place in the country category. The teams from the Netherlands and Austria were thrilled with their second and third places. Eduard Malle from Austria was the winner in the sales category. Christoph Künzel from Germany beat the other contestants to come first in the service advisor competition. The award in the service technician category went to Sven Krump from Germany. Among the parts advisors, Sergei Karpovich from Belarus won the contest against international competitors to take first place.

"We are delighted that the best sales and service employees worldwide competed in the Volkswagen Retail Qualification World Championship 2015. With their great commitment and specialist expertise, the finalists have reasserted their place among the best of the best", said Peter Maiwald, Head of After Sales at the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, underscoring the great important of the competition. He added: "First-rate employees at our sales and service partners are the key to top customer satisfaction worldwide."

The international competition for Volkswagen partners took place for the sixth time. Over a period of several days, the experts demonstrated their theoretical and practical skills in four different specialized disciplines and a team ranking. The challenges were held at various venues such as the Volkswagen Academy in Wolfsburg and a road safety training center in Berlin. The RQWC also provides vital stimuli for the focused development of employee training for sales and service partners in all Volkswagen markets.

"To experience the enormous motivation of all the competitors was very impressive. Once again, the results of the RQWC have underscored the importance of excellent training and development for sales and service employees. Cooperation among all colleagues in these areas is a key element in the success of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand", Jochen Funk, Executive Director Sales Strategy and Business Development at Volkswagen Passenger Cars, emphasized.

An overview of the standings: 

Team Competition World Championship:
1st Place: Slovenia
2nd Place: Netherlands
3rd Place: Austria

Sales Advisor World Championship:
1st Place: Eduard Malle, Austria
2nd Place: Toshiyasu Hano, Japan
3rd Place: Peter Muller, Netherlands

Service Advisor World Championship
1st Place: Christoph Künzel, Germany
2nd Place: Dzianis Liubetski, Belarus
3rd Place: Matthias Vogel, Austria

Service Technician World Championship:
1st Place: Sven Krump, Germany
2nd Place: Tamás Kö, Hungary
3rd Place: Bernhard Kunz, Switzerland

Parts Advisor World Championship:
1st Place: Sergei Karpovich, Belarus
2nd Place: Josip Mandic, Croatia
3rd Place: Georgios Kavgalakis, Greece