In a story that has absolutely no relevance to today, back in 1990 VW was struggling in America and the thing that saved them was a stylish, fun, surprisingly practical sports car. 

Okay, so the Corrado was only among the things that saved Volkswagen in America, but the point remains that a struggling VW was saved by a funky, sporty, two-door car that put the fun in functional. If only there were some modern situation that VW could apply this hard-learned lesson to...

Anyway, as MotorWeek pointed out in this video, the Corrado G60 wasn't quite flawless, but it what it set out to do really well.

With ample space for luggage, a teenie supercharger to get you off the line excitingly, and a chassis set up that couldn't be unsettled, it was exactly as good and as sensible as you could possibly hope for.