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Re: Reverse gear when not attached to axles (clevebb)

Quote, originally posted by clevebb »
When I was doing a clutch swap I has the tranny out and changed all the seals and oil. I noticed that when reverse was engaged I couldn't turn the drive flanges. There has always been a noise from reverse being chipped, but I wouldn't think that would prevent it from turning like when in all other gears. Yesterday my reverse went totally dead, like it's not engaged fully or the gear is stripped of all its teeth. It never got worse the entire 15000 miles I had the car, just the sudden death!!!!
My question is: should the reverse be able to be turned by hand? Someone has a cheap tranny here, but it's the same situation. He claims reverse isn't chipped at all.

It's hardest to turn it in reverse by hand, due to the ratio. 5th is the easiest. Just like trying to push start the car in 1st... you can't shove it. In 5th, the mechanical advantage is great enough you can turn the engine over by shoving it.
With the trans out of the car, put it in reverse, and grab both flanges then spin them the same direction, and the input shaft will start to spin. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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