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Reverse lights

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My reverse lights don't seem to work, and with the combination of a broken rear defroster and a rainy dark night they don't add up well. Lets just say I injured my baby the second day I got her, and cause $1,400 in damage. So now I am wondering how I would go about fixing them. Is there an actual wire on the transmission or is the wire next to the shifter? And what should I do after finding it?
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Re: Reverse lights (nuemerik)

The connector is on top of the transmission and is actavated by the lincage through the cabel shifter also ck the fuse #14 I bleve (on my 90 any way)
also ck the bulbs. to get the rear cover off turn the screws 90 deg. and they should pop out
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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