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Reverse lights

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My reverse lights don't seem to work, and with the combination of a broken rear defroster and a rainy dark night they don't add up well. Lets just say I injured my baby the second day I got her, and cause $1,400 in damage. So now I am wondering how I would go about fixing them. Is there an actual wire on the transmission or is the wire next to the shifter? And what should I do after finding it?
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Re: Reverse lights (Blown6T)

quote:[HR][/HR]Put the jack stands away man.
The reverse light switch is on top of the tranny. Look straight down by the linkages, see that black plastic housing with the connector on it? That's it. Two bolts holding it on.
Depending on the car you should have a blakc plastic housing with a momentary push switch attached.
My car is a 90 G-60 with a manufacture date of 4/90. I could open up the switch portion of mine and clean the contacts, worked fine after.
PoweredbyG60's 90 has a date of 10/89, but has a newer switch. His screwed into the housing and was completely sealed. About $14 from the dealer.
Of course, check the fuse first like G60nut said, a lot easier.
Hope this helps.[HR][/HR]​
Tre is right on the money.
Lemme add one thing - You can pull the plug off the reverse light switch, and insert a jumper wire between the two terminals on the plug. Key your car on, and walk to the rear - If your reverse lights are on, the switch is the culprit.
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