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Re: reverse (WOB GMAN)

its not GOOD
my reverse is damaged to
when i back up it ticks...
it works fine.. stil but i dont go fast in reverse nor back up a big hill..
mine damaged at 220 000 km;'s now im at 260 xxx still working.
i suggest u flush ur tanny fluid assap if that gear tooth is floatin around ur tranny could explode. or it could be on the magnet . either way flush it and take it easy on it.
u can have this for years but fixing it is a alot my mechanic told me like 800 canadian just for that. and if anythig else is worn then..
it goes way up from there.. so i dunno
i figure ill use mine until the tranny blows up and then get a used or refurbished one.
not worth me spending nearly 1000 now.. whn for like 2-3 i can get a redone one fully.
so yea..
flush ur fluid asap.
and ul be ok jsut dont abuse ur reverse. baby it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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