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Reversed phase for subs

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ok, maybe i'm an imbecile ( i like to think i'm not...) but i have no idea what the purpose of reversed phase for subs is. On my HU (Alpine 7977) it gives me the option of reversing the phase 180degrees.....but i have no idea why one would do so? can you guys help me out? Madbug-- you out there?
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Re: Reversed phase for subs (Blue Flame)

Okay.. the short answer is that inspite of trying to wire up the system all positive to positive, or negative to negative.. the subwoofer may not be acoustically in phase with the mids/highs at the listening position. Why? It could be how the sub is installed.. such as reverse mounted.. or since analogue crossovers have a phase shift.. some crossovers correct for this, others do not..
So, the real answer is that one should listen to the system with music with good, strong upper bass impact.. then reverse the polarity and listen again. If you have this control on the headunit, it makes it alot easier and faster.
So, just flip the settings, and see which one has the stronger, better detailed upper end impact/detail in the bass region.
Re: Reversed phase for subs (Blue Flame)

Nope, no damage. Pick the one that sounds best.
Also, keep in mind that because some brands flip-polarity.. the "180 out of phase" on the headunit may in fact, be the correct acoustic phase!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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