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RH Cups.... need help

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well, just my luck, I always get the shaft.... (long story)
I ordered RH Cups back in November at a local place in TO. Got a really good deal, $195 Can for the fronts 16x7,5 and $220 for the rears 16x9. Well i guess it was too good to be true cause I still haven't gotten the rims. Turns out RH doesn't have any production of these rims slated any time soon and if they do who even know if I will ever get them... This is a problem only with the 16x9's with a 4x100 pattern. The 16x7,5 are already here and are easy to get.
So basically I'm wondering if anyone knows someone in NA that has these 16x9's in stock so that I can get the 16x9's somewhere else...
I'm probably going to have to choose different wheels.... but finding the deep dish look in 4x100 is a PITA!
I do like the;
CR7 wheels but I hear they are super expensive and I dont know of any distributors in NA
also, the Borbet TypeT's are OK but they look kinda cheap...

whats everyones take ont his and does anyone have a lead for these rims?? Im depressed, just had to come here and vent
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Re: RH Cups.... need help (TorontoCorrado)

im pretty sure rpi-equipped has the CR7's and they are in vancouver....
www.rpi-equipped.com i think thats right!
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Re: RH Cups.... need help (TorontoCorrado)

send these guys a email. http://www.c1vw.com. I was interested in the same wheels and they said they had them. its worth a try.
Re: RH Cups.... need help (Groundsquirrel)

quote:[HR][/HR]send these guys a email. http://www.c1vw.com.[HR][/HR]​
I STRONGLY recommend you DO NOT email these D_cks. I ordered a set of Inxx type C from them in Late June i believe.. Well, after months of them promising that they'll be getting their latest shipment from D+W, and then repeated phone calls to them to cancel my order and refund my credit card in September ( they said 2-3 weeks initially), I finally succeeded in contacting the owner and he said when i talked to him it was the first he had heard about me wanting to cancel my order....After 3 weeks of several phone calls

I told them that once they do finally get my rims in to call me... Do you think they ever called?

My opinion: Stay away from this shop.

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Re: RH Cups.... need help (TorontoCorrado)

aw man! This is great. Just when you were looking for those RH wheels, I was doing the same. Then I figured that I'd search for a new style, and enjoy pics of yours. So I've been looking into the CR7's as well. Looks like we've got very similar ideas about what we like.

But yeah, RPI is the only place I've seen them in NA, but they're also available from England http://www.tyres-sold-online.co.uk . Keep us posted if you find them anywhere else in NA.
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Re: RH Cups.... need help (snowbird)

hmm i wanted RH Cups but i was told that they are ridiculously expensive!!?? any truth to this??
Re: RH Cups.... need help (Shinny_G60)

i just called RPI (its a local phone call for me) and they dont usually order RH rims because "thier just too damn expensive" according to the guy i talked to. They do have an order or CR7;s comming in on tuesday, and they are 17x9's and are priced at 450$$(canadian) per rim. Hope that helps some ppl.
Re: RH Cups.... need help (Shinny_G60)

yeah I talked to RPI today also...
they want $410 for 16x7,5's and $485 for 16x9's
pretty steep....
The RH aren't that expensive at alll... originally I was going to get them for $185 16x7,5's and $225 for the 16x9's but unfortunately the place i was dealing with can no longer order RH's from the looks of it.
I found the 16x9's for $210US at GMP Performance (they are the US distributors for RH)
so i figure, with the exchange of the dollar and stuff, the RH's will be about $300 bucks cheaper max
Note: there are all canadian prices unless stated otherwise
So now I'm left with the dilema of which ones to get..
RH Cups or CR7's that is the question....
Re: RH Cups.... need help (TorontoCorrado)

RH cups if you ask me...alot cheaper and just as nice
Re: RH Cups.... need help (BLUE NRG)

now i see why you recommend them BLUE

sorry bud
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