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rhode island shops

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Any good places around rhode island that do tint for a reasonable price? I think I can get my sister to pay for it, for christmas, so I might go for it. I was searching around the vortex and people said they got it done for like 125, 130, with good tint, like 3m that has lifetime warranty. So if anyoen knows a place that would do a good job with good quality stuff for around that price, let me know. Also, I was thinking maybe 20 all around, because I saw some pics of the vortex of like 35 and it seemed light. What do you guy suggest?
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Re: rhode island shops (igneousGOlF)

whats up
try sunset tint on cranston street in cranston or go see my buddy at sound fx his name is mike jones just look for the sweet a3 jetta on the ground hes there eveeryday but thursday and sunday
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