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for any dubbers in the warwick area with mechanical experience, i would appreciate it if u could possibly take time out of ur day tomorrow (wednesday) to assist me in putting my car back together. i am fully capable of doing this myself, but in light of recent events, i am unable to do this solo.
reason being, i have a hairline fracture in 1 of the vertebres in my lower back, so i cant really lift anything.
what im doing is replacing the subframe, rack and every suspension component in the car front and rear. i have all parts and most tools. like i said, i just cant lift this stuff into place.
every1 can feel free to stop by. i will have a 30
or two
at ready. feel free to bring more
i live over by the airport in warwick. for those of u familiar with the area, winslow feild in the greenwood area. feel free to contact me 8658606. its a nextel so 183*912*7534 (2-way preferred so i dont burn minutes) like i said, its a nextel so if u call an i dont pick up leave a voicemail. despite what my voicemail says, i do check them.
thanks in advance.

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