Queen Elizabeth II’s very own Bentley Mulsanne recently went up for sale on Auto Trader UK. You too can put your butt where the Queen's has been for the princely sum of £200,000.

Her Maj owned the car for two years and took it to her Diamond Jubilee celebration. It was specially made for her, and features walnut burr veneered picnic tables, door panels, and rear quarter vanity mirrors. Bentley emblems were also embroidered on the leather thrones, and the car rolls on 21-inch alloys.

The most endearing feature, though, is that the home address on the GPS is Windsor Castle. This royal carriage covered more than 5,000 miles in its two years of service.

Unfortunately, the ad seems to indicate that Liz never drove the thing, although it is a well known fact that she does drive despite not having a license—which she isn’t legally required to have.

The Bentley has a team of 500 hp, can reach 60 in just over five seconds, and will continue up to a top speed of 184 mph.

All of that amounts a car that ought to be capable of a pretty good drift and really good idea for a video that I’ve just thought of.