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Right turn fuel starvation... help!

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Hey guys, search sucks, so help me out.
I just picked up a new gti, and its got the right hand turn fuel starvation problem that I've heard so much about. Unless the tank is 97% full, the car will sputter and try to die on any right hand turn taken at over 5 mph. I'm assuming this is a fuel pickup issue, can I fix this? I seen to recall most people just replacing the tank, is it that much of a PITA?
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Re: Right turn fuel starvation... help! (sirhcorrado)

I used to own an '83 GTi that did the same thing but it did it when my fuel was at a lower level, around 1/4 of a tank. The baffles in the tank are probably shot. I never did replace it because it did look lik a PITA to replace.
Re: Right turn fuel starvation... help! (antgti)

This does sound like the fuel pickup problem. The pickup starts to decay and on turns tends to suck air up instead of fuel. Like you said, I think the best fix is to simply replace the tank- would get rid of all the grunge as well. While replacing the tank is not trivial it is also not impossible. I think you will need to drop the rear axle to pull it out (undo the bolts at the two pivot points). I have limited knowledge of this so i would invite other Vortexers to step in here and offer advice. My best suggestion would be to go and get the bentley (if you don't have it yet) and follow their intsructions. Good luck.
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Re: Right turn fuel starvation... help! (mattmcleod)

You need to replace the tank! Inside there is a metal tube that extends to the lowest point in the tank. It has rusted and broke off. I have replaced many peeps cars with the same problem. You can take the floater out and shine a flash light down in there and see that it is just sitting on the bottm loose from the side. And yes you will need to drop the rear down and it is an easy fix with not much headache if you go right to it. Make sure you disconnect the floater under your rear seat so that it doesn't pull the wires.

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Re: Right turn fuel starvation... help! (G60Turbolet)

Thanks for the input guys... http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif I haven't had a chance to rip into this one yet, but had anyone had any luck repairing this tube? Maybe a piece of rubber?

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Here's a related question- I recently had my tank and pump replaced and I now have this problem! It usually occurs when around 1/4 tank and during right hand turns. The mechanic who did the job said "Just keep a full tank then" and walked away! I originally had it all replaced beacuse the seam on the tank was leaking, but it didn't choke on turns. Could he have f-ed something up with new parts? I've had NO luck with mechanics around here (Berkshire County MASS), they seem to all screw up things in different ways. One mechanic put in regular Golf struts and springs, which raised the front end at least 3" and swore they were the right parts. Which led to broken strut mounts and axles and motor mounts and etc.. I wish I had more time and a heated garage to do amy own work....
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Re: Right turn fuel starvation... help! (rabbitgremlin)

Off topic here but I had to comment about finding good mechanics, it been my experience the best mechanics are the one who race, this is especially true if you've got an older car like an A1. I think it's because racers are used the un-conventional and to making things work. So, if you want to find a good mechanic, hang out at the track, find one who's a racer if he races VWs even better.
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