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Ring and pinion

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You know, people hear are always talking about chips, CAI, exhaust - and while i understand all these things are "bolt on" and realitively easy to do, I never hear of anybody talking about a new ring and pinion set. When I had my 97 mustang I went from 2.73 to 3.73 and the car felt like i added 2 more pistons. Now I couldn't hit my 150 mph anymore, BUT i never needed to in the first place. Bang for the buck, there was nothing close - and this was installed at ford for about $600.
What's the deal with these cars - is this just too much a PIA to do - seems to me it would pull like a six speed for the first few gears or 4 even - that would be a typical race (in the real world anyway).
I'm realitivey savy on the mechanical side - i put a set of gears in my old Camero - shimmed everything and all - but wasn't as big as the jump in my Mustang.
Just trying to creat discussion here.
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Re: Ring and pinion (Darkdub)

Re: Ring and pinion (Darkdub)

the most common R&P replacement for a VR is a Corrado 3.94. You can pick it up from Autotech. Its a factory VW part. I believe stock on a VR is 3.49.
For installation, the R&P is only like $200 i believe. To get it slapped in with a LSD (previous quote) is $375.
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