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Rising rate FPR any opinions?

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Just like the topic says. Any opinions on a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. Is is neccessary for modded cars (ie. K04, chip etc...) What advantages would this give. What drawbacks.
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Re: Rising rate FPR any opinions? (tobyc)

Re: Rising rate FPR any opinions? (tobyc)

I don't know why I think that the stock FPR is in fact rising rate. FWIW I'm still running stock FPR with my K04 but I haven't had a chance to run the car on a dyno to check the A/F ratios
Re: Rising rate FPR any opinions? (tobyc)

I changed mine to 4 bar and the car got very smooth,you need more fuel when you run more boost that the K04 provide.
now I am working on k04 setup with larger injectors and stock 3 bar fpr,we are trying few versions of programs for this setup.
I know one thing for sure- the turbo doesnt get glow after hard driving and this is because the fuel delivery that drops the temperature
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