Earlier this year, the sports press were all atwitter about NY Mets player Yeonis Cespedes’ habit of driving crazy hypercars to training camp . Last week, the NFL proved that they can keep up with anything America’s so-called Game can do thanks to Robert Griffin III, who drove a noteworthy car of his own to training camp.

The Cleveland Browns starting quarterback is a man of means. Griffin brings in millions each year, so he could take just about any car he likes to training camp. It seems, though that Clevelanders prefer to be humble , as Griffin rocked up to the stadium in a B3 Passat VR6.

Rolled up to camp in the new whip on the off day. #LingLingYouForgotYourBlingBling #PassatLife #TrainingCamp pic.twitter.com/ydygkvr5YT
— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII)
3, 2016[/URL]

Although there’s only the one picture of the Passat, it does appear to be in remarkably good shape. There’s nary a scratch to be found and even though the paint is black—a notoriously difficult color to keep clean—the VW is clean as a whistle.

And as a new father, of course, the family-sized Passat is the right car for the job, though that top-of-the-line VR6 engine should still give Griffin enough punch to get him to games on time.

We here at VW Vortex applaud Griffin on his fine choice of cars.