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Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help?

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Well, my Rabbit is off the road until it gets new front wheelbearings, so I got ambitious and titled and reg'd my Scirocco for the time being. Now, I haven't driven the car in awhile, but it gets around alright.
Here is the problem, first cold start, car will choke. If I hold down the accel, the revs will slowly climb past 2k then skyrocket. It will idle fine after that.
On the road, the car is a SLUG. It has a 1.8JH motor on CIS basic, but man, it's slow. Here's what's funny, if I give it full accel, the car doesn't want to go quickly, but if I give it part throttle in second, the car will be a slug, then take off! It's SO odd.
At full throttle it sounds like it's missing at least a little. I'm going to check normal stuff first, timing, plugs, fuel, etc. What else might cause the wierd running.
What baffles me though is that the idle is PERFECT at 800rpm. Better than my Rabbit could ever muster.
Anyways, ideas are always welcome and thanks in advance for the help guys!
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Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (need_a_VR6)

Well I know your scirocco cant match up to a GMC typhoon, but I'll go ahead anyway. Whenever my friend floored the typhoon it would miss and wouldnt want to go anywhere, however when he gradually pressed the accelerator it would move fine. It turns out that he had a bent rod. But I highly doubt that you have a bent rod. Good Luck!
Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (need_a_VR6)

clean the fuel injectors. Make sure it isn't running to lean. The little allen screw in the hole, on top of your fuel distributor. really it is just going to take some checking around all of your mechanics.
Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (G60Turbolet)

Well, hopefully it isn't a bent rod, and it's definitely not a Typhoon, though fun it is.
I was thinking of checking the mix, but what the heck are the dwell setting for a non lambda car? Is there even a freq valve? Man this thing is one step too old school some days
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Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (need_a_VR6)

paul..have you done a compression test on it? I have a tester if you need to use it. timing, ignition, plugs, coil, wires, cap, rotor all of them could be factors... my rabbit was running like that when i first started driving it, then i put some fuel injector cleaner and some valve cleaner in it. After a week it ran fine, later on i did a tune up and now it runs great.
Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (theYellowRabbit)

If the car has a catalytic converter it might be falling apart inside and clogging up. Leaky injector seals are common but that doesnt really sound like the problem. How long did the car sit? Maybe something in the fuel system is a little stuck from old fuel.
On a side note if your rabbit only needs wheel bearings parts4vws.com has them for $18 each and I know someone who could press them in for next to nothing.
Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (theYellowRabbit)

Haven't done a compression test on it yet, nor have I checked the timing since I set it back to 6degBTDC when I bought it. I'll bring some tools on Sunday and we can play.. er, I'll make sure to bring the Rocco
When I fill up, I'll toss some fool infection cleaner into the tank, who knows, it could help.
The car's exhaust is knackered pretty good, so I'll be replacing that. I think it still has a cat, but I have a TT exhaust with no cat dp going onto it. If it's nice enough on Saturday, I'll put it on then.
Thanks for telling me about the bearings now, I just dropped it off to the shop last night. Oh well, at least I don't have to turn too many wrenches for once

Thanks for the help guys!
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Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (need_a_VR6)

maybe some water in the tank. get a bottle of Gas Treatment from the local unimart
Re: Rocco is running funny.. who wants to help? (Big CADDY)

Well, just tossed a full bottle of STP Fuel System cleaner into a fresh tank of 93 Mobil. No change after 20 miles...
Guesses as to what it is: airflow plate stuck, fuel pump bad, clogged fuel filter, clogged air filter, timing buggered.. ah and the list goes on
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