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Rod bearing part number

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Does anybody know the part number for rod bearings on a 90 G-60. Got one number from my supplier (Foreign Policy), another from his supplier and another number from the dealership.
Checked the EKTA site and saw about 10 different part numbers.
The new bearing shells I have are metal, with a notch on one corner on each of them and a hole in right in the center. They are all identical, I thought on the G60 one bearing was different. Do these sound like the right parts?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Rod bearing part number (Blown6T)

Those sound like the ones I got from German and Swedish. ETKA says 034 105 701
only £9.50 each plus VAT. £9.99 from G and S for the set.
You might want to change the nuts and bolts at the same time. The Bentley says that you can re-use them once though.

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Re: Rod bearing part number (H100VW)

Yeah, I got the bolts on order. I don't want to mess with trying to reuse stretch bolts.
I'll try and get a pic of one.
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