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any one here able to change out the lower rod bearings in a 1.8?
My rado is makin some neat sounds and I have been told its the rod bearing, the lowers I think.
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Re: ROD BEARING (Hijinx)

as in SPUN a bearing? whoa.. I wouldn't be driving a car with a possible spun bearing.. its gonna take a lot more then pulling the oil pan, then end cap off and putting new bearings in..
Drain your oil, and pay very close attention to what comes out, if ANY metal comes out with the oil STOP driving it.. you could be machining the crank/ rod into nothing
plus, once that bearing goes away you lose oil pressure and your engine is toast.
What EXACTLY does it sound like.. metalic KNOCK or a lite rattle, or a "sewing machine" sound?
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Re: ROD BEARING (Hijinx)

I have a feeling its just cam followers.. the head is pretty tall, and if its making noise its kinda hard to hear exactly where its coming from.. are you going to the BBQ and pics on saturday? if you bring the raddo down, you'll get a few good opinions on what the problem is. just drive it slowly.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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