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any one here able to change out the lower rod bearings in a 1.8?
My rado is makin some neat sounds and I have been told its the rod bearing, the lowers I think.
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Re: ROD BEARING (Hijinx)

Do what dj age one said but don't just drain the oil.
*First drain the oil into a non metallic container.]
*Get a powerful magnet & Dunk your hands into the oil with it & Swish it around.
That is important to see what smaller shavings & particles are in the oil.
*Then leave the magnet in the oil for 20-30 minutes sitting at the bottom so the particles will settle & draw to it.
*Next is the step on which you should hold your breath & pray if you're a GOD fearing man.
*Pull down your entire oil pan. This is where you will find the Big improtant pieces of metal that could mean life or death for the engine.
You don't even want to know what I found in the oil pan of my Scirocco.
I had to convert the entire engine from 4 cylinders to 3.
But she still ran great.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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