It’s a hard, hard road that we all travel, but it would be made a little easier if it was in the seat of a Lamborghini Miura. Now’s your chance to own not just any Lamborghini Miura, but Sir Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini.

This Italian girl will be at auction in London at The Classic & Sports Car Show at the end of October.


Every picture tells a story, and these pictures tell the story of a 1971 Miura P400 S that Stewart bought new.

You may regret letting this Miura steal your heart, though, because that’s what will really hurt. The estimate for Sir Rod’s—knighted just this month, you know—true blue Miura is a sizeable £800-900,000.

There will be quite a few other cars begging you to let them be your car at the show, though. More than 60 consignments are being offered at the auction, among them US bassist Clayton’s 1972 Maserati Ghibli.