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After seeing a bunch of build threads popping up I figured it was finally time to make my own and document some of the progress I’ve made over the last few years. Even though it took me way too long to actually make any changes to my car, I’m pretty happy with the stage it’s currently at and the plans I have for this summer.

I bought the car at the end of my senior year of high school and since I had no job and was leaving for school in a few months the car stayed stock for probably more than a year. This was the bish after bringing her home and getting the first of many washes:

In a way I’m pretty happy I had no money to spend because it gave me the time to really read up on the forums and make sure I didn’t make the usual mistakes. At this point I was still working with graduation/birthday money so the changes were slow but at least in the right direction. Of course I started with the blacked out look (yikes) but I fixed that up pretty quickly:

It’s funny now to call it a major change, but the first big thing I did was buy a set of GLI taillights:

And then thanks to the infamous jettaaddiction I swapped my stock wheels for slightly better stock wheels:

At this point I had to go back to school, so again the car sat for a few months at this stage. The one thing I did actually accomplish was buying some interior pieces which I installed whenever I got the chance to go home.



I have the new radio cage but haven’t had the time to rip apart my interior to install it, so right now the rest of the trim is sitting in my room.

After a long school year I was finally out for summer break and had a new steady job. I wasted no time on buying parts and quickly had a big pile waiting for me to install which included spacers, coilovers and full GLI kit.

I quickly learned that you can’t just trust anyone driving your car and a few months after installing my GLI valances, this happened:

Luckily their insurance covered everything plus a freshly painted bumper (which wasn’t even damaged during the crash…I got lucky). And finally I filled my empty exhaust cutout with a 42DD catback exhaust which I couldn’t be any happier with. I did a few other little things here and there, but for the most part my car was at its current state:

I still have a bunch of plans for this summer, but for now I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made so far. Learned a lot already and met a bunch of awesome people :thumbup:

OEM GLI Front and Rear Valances
Optiwerks GLI Side Skirts
Hella GLI Style Taillights
Seidel Grille
Retrofits: Bi-Xenon FX-R Projectors, Dual Ambers
Volx Tuning Glass Lenses
Volx Tuning Amber Side Markers
Speedtech Boser Hood Extension
Shaved Front Rubstrip
ECS Tuning Matte Black Mirror Set
Stubby Antenna
Shaved Trunk Lid
42DD Slipfit Catback Exhaust

Full R32 Pedal Set
R Line Shift Knob/Boot
OEM GLI Brushed Aluminum Radio Cage
20AE 3 Spoke Steering Wheel
GLI Black Rearview Mirror
OEM GLI A/B/C Pillars

Suspension/Wheel Setup
FK Streetlines
ECS Tuning Spacers: 8/20mm

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Looks great :thumbup:

Any sound clips? I've got a 2.0 as well and I'd eventually like to get an exhaust put on.
don't have too many sound clips but i took these two the other day...backfire in the second one :laugh:

U should get clear fender markers instead of your black ones. I think your hood kooks fine. You should remove the rear emblem and fill it!
the paint on the hood is pretty crappy, it just doesn't show up very well in the pics. thats why i wanted to go boser, and a shaved trunk will definitely be happening this summer :thumbup:

that is so sexy. great progress! :thumbup:

longbeaches :heart:
haha thanks a lot man..love my longbeaches :)

Curious, did you re-instate your cruise control when you changed that wheel out?
after seeing all the extra steps needed to keep the cruise control i decided i didnt need it that much...i have a link to the DIY for keeping the cruise control, so PM me if you need it :beer:
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