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Rookie suspension ?????s

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I just brought home an '88 Cabby that has a pretty peppy motor, but the struts are S-H-O-T, and I'd like to improve canyon carving abilities, and lower it a fair bit. Which system would give me the most bang for my buck, allowing
1) adjustable lowering...slam for GTGs, up some for the daily grind.
2) vastly improved handling/stability
3) decent ride comfort- I like the Teutonic feel in my cars, but I'm too old for a
kidney damaging ride.
4) Reasonable total cost
also, I'm in the PacNW. Who sells these kits, or should I order online? What about buying from across the border in BC? Thoughts?
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Re: Rookie suspension ?????s (catalytic)

Cat, I notice you chose an eibach system for your A4. Did you recommend the FK/KWs because I want to be able to toy with heighth? It sounds from your review like you are really satisfied with your setup. Still happy with it?
Re: Rookie suspension ?????s (catalytic)

Thanks Catalyic. Great info, and links. Hmmm. Tub is very solid, no rust at all, but I've got clunks coming from all over, plus the CVs are talking. Sounds like you really know your stuff. What's the best way to diagnose what needs work in there?
Re: Rookie suspension ?????s (catalytic)

Ahhh, Grasshopper...I have meditated in my Cabby for a fortnight, (okay, OVERnight) and I am becoming one with the a-arms. Thinking along the lines of Boges, now, with CVs for sure, soonest. Trying to keep the cost of this one down, then sell it in the Spring, so I'll do a more aggressive treatment on the project Rabbit 'vert. Thanks for the insight, CAT, et al.
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