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Rookie suspension ?????s

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I just brought home an '88 Cabby that has a pretty peppy motor, but the struts are S-H-O-T, and I'd like to improve canyon carving abilities, and lower it a fair bit. Which system would give me the most bang for my buck, allowing
1) adjustable lowering...slam for GTGs, up some for the daily grind.
2) vastly improved handling/stability
3) decent ride comfort- I like the Teutonic feel in my cars, but I'm too old for a
kidney damaging ride.
4) Reasonable total cost
also, I'm in the PacNW. Who sells these kits, or should I order online? What about buying from across the border in BC? Thoughts?
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Re: Rookie suspension ?????s (catalytic)

Dieselgeek sells pulleys for PS and water pump to slow them down.
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