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Room under the JL Audio stealthbox for an amp?

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Since the JL Audio Stealthbox for the Golf IV raises the floor 2 inches (I plan on keeping my spare), is there any room to put an amp under there (of course with enough clearance to have room to dissapate heat)? Nothing crazy.. just a single rockford fosgate (600.5).
If not, where would you guys recommend putting the amp for an easy installation? This is the first time doing anything like this, and while I do want to do it myself, I'm kind of nervous about drilling holes into my poor car and such.
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Re: Room under the JL Audio stealthbox for an amp? (AlmostDead)

There's a lot of room to put a couple of amps on the left of the spare tire/stealthbox. That's how I have mine setup but I'm only running one amp for now. It's nice and stealthy setup.
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