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Re: Rosecroft Autocross 07-28-02 PICS (84GTI)

Hey Neil, are you the guy w/ the green corrado I spoke to at FedEx Field??
The car felt pretty good out there.. I didn't push it as hard under braking and in the corners as I think I could've, but I'm still in the paranoid stage a bit
I drove John Nicolayson's Black MkIV at Fedex last time, and compared to that car, the brakes were better, but the suspension isn't quite as well setup.. The 337 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than a stock MkIV, but I think could really stand to have beefy sway bars and some more stiffness. John's car felt better in that regard. I'd like to try it out on a FedEx course as well, the Rosecroft course was very very tight.
Other than that.. well, I can't wait until the next season when the car is ready to tear up Street Mod!

I'll be at every one for the rest of the season
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