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Is this really news? Well, maybe not, but I think most of us are interested just the same. A user (Stompy) posted this picture in the RS 4 forum. This car seems to be a special build color with the titanium style package shown on the red RS 4 at the Essen Motorshow - quattro GmbH's handywork.
White is not a planned color on the RS 4 so this would be a special order and cost extra. Reports in the RS 4 forum by those placing orders for their cars now suggest special 'Audi Exclusive' orders won't be allowed until Fall 2006.
We did a quick check with Audi and here's what we know on the RS 4 and its US launch. The initial run of 250 cars will be all premium package cars (i.e. with sunroof and nav amongst other things) and in a mix of colors based on S4 install rates, silver being subtituted for Avus Silver.
After that 2500 comes through (basically June production), then special order colors can begin, though dealers may not be aware of this. June production cars will still have Premium package only, but at that time sunroof delete **may** be available... still being considered. I'm told White can be ordered at that time, then 2007 cars would be full on ordering (Premium Package only rules being lifted basically revolving around a new head unit design for non Navigation cars and its availability at that time).
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