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Hello together,
I want to introduce my daily to you which is a Audi RS4B9. I have had this car over 2 years and have done all stages from LCE Performance and finally have their biggest package now.

Installed is:
BBS CH-R Nürburgring Edition rims
KW suspension
Eventuri Intake
TTE Upgrade Turbos
Milltek Exhaust and downpipes with cats street legal
Wagner Intercooler and watercooler
Software from LCE Performance
No WMI just pump gas

With that package the following results have been achieved and the best part is it drives like stock but just with much more power!

Power: 643PS & 899NM ( DynoJet)

100-200 km/h 6.68 sec. Corrected to zero slope 6.77 sec.
200-250 km/h 5.86 sec.
0-200 km/h 9.76 sec.
0-100 Km/h 3.05 sec.
1/4 mile 10.69 sec. @210 km/h (on the street)
1/2 Meile 16.8 sec. @257 km/h

I also have Dragy Videos but can’t upload

Car runs consistently 100-200km/h under 7seconds

DSC02947.jpg 2DE6C327-7A38-485E-AB08-370BA2A88711.jpeg 5B68AA11-8A83-4133-A70D-91D08B047A9E.jpeg 1EDB545D-B216-4E4C-93E3-EC599FD2487D.png
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