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damn car starts hard when cold, wont idle worth a sh*t when cold or ever!!! backfires alot, ummmmmm poor throttle response, sometimes so bad that the car will stall if i put the gas to the floor? cant drive the car unless the rpms stay above 2500 at least!!!!!! either have to ride the clutch or burn the tires off, and i hate to do either cause i allready need a new clucth
ive checked all the vacume hoses, no rips no nothing all good, i dont know if the idle stabilizer would cause these symptoms? maybe the cold start valve, would that cause these things? i really cant figure it out, nobody seems to be able too either??????????????? plugs and wires are good, compression is good, o2 sensor is good i think?(i used my brothers from his 8v so i had to chop some wires and hook em up to the correct ones from the car... maybe thats the problem? most likely its not though i think its more to it than that) any help would be awesome, thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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