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running rich, mild, etc??

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what does this mean exactly? i was told it had to do with the air/fuel mixture, but exactly what is "rich" when they say rich? the fuel or the air? is it true that if i am blowing white smoke from my exhaust, it means i am running mild? thanks for the help in advance.
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Re: running rich, mild, etc?? (bananaboy)

White smoke is coolant!!!! I think your head gasket is gone!!! Blue is oil and rich is black because of carbon.
Re: running rich, mild, etc?? (GTI2lo)

coolant, eh?.. that doesnt sound too good... how much would this repair cost? could it be any other reason? could this result from my constant short distance drives and impatience to warm up properly? yea, i do take the car to the corner store to get milk if you're wondering..

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