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Rust problem

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Got a quickie .... a couple actually.....
On my 2000 GLX, one of the break callipers (front right) has surface rust on it. It started as some rust streaks after the first couple of months of ownership but I'm almost at the end of the second year now and it significantly worse. The other three corners are spotless. Anybody else have this problem?
Also, a similar issue with the two rear hubs. there is surface rust on the rear hub where the mags join up to the axle. Fronts are okay.
Finally, the conical base of the antena has become "oxydized". It's strange but the plastic has a white film on it and I can scratch it off with my finger nail resulting in a fine white powder coming off.
Thanks much.
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Re: Rust problem (loreon)

the surface rust shoulds normal in those places, nothing I would be worried about. And the antenna mast becomes like that from waxing of the car...still have not found a good way to stop that from happening.
Re: Rust problem (Boostin20v)

Mother's back to black should take care of the oxidizing problem http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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