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?'s on euro injection?

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I'm thinking about the euro 16v injection and have a couple of questions. 1) To convert to it from CIS-E what is needed to do this, and what do you take off your car? 2) What type of ignition do you run, and what distributor? 3) Basiclly what all is involed in doing this? I just don't want a rev limiter.
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Re: ?'s on euro injection? (DCIvwRadar)

basically you just swap the lines on your cis-e dis to your euro dis (fuel). the control pressure regulator mounts on the head under the cold start valve (i have seen it placed on top of the plug [where an 8v dizzy would go] and they didnt have any problems with it as it just collects ambient heat). the knock box is still hooked up, but you could use the saab dizzy which uses a vaccum advance and elliminate the knock box all together. you could just leave the old dpr, throttle switch, etc. connectors where they are (for future emissions or whatever) or you could clean up the engine bay and stuff them under the rain tray. i wouldnt cut them off, because you never know if you will need them again.
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