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Buying a B5 S4
Buying advice, what to look for?
Should I change to an S4?
"Is there that many problems with the B5 S4?" - R32 Comparison, AWD pondering
What to expect from a 50k car

Q: What are some differences between B5 platform Audi S4 build dates?
A: Audi seems to roll out updates gradually on their cars, so no list may be totally accurate. For example, you may have a M-box with the older shifter stalk. Also note that S4s were released in Europe before North America.
09/99 (Y2000 initial production, A-box ECU for manual, f-hose, possibly aluminium uprights on suspension, original badge)
06/00 (Y2001, H-box ECU for manual, ESP controller, possibly steel uprights)
10/00 (Y2001.5, M-box ECU for manual, revised turbos, no f-hose, revised TBB, different oil inlet lines, possibly changed shifter stalk, polished aluminum mirrors w/ sport package, new badge, Avant model)
06/01 (Y2002, T-box ECU for manual)
http://www.s4biturbo.com - excellent FAQ, year model info
S4 noob guide from AudiWorld - good information on S4's
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