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S4 Suspensions in A4s/v6 Suspensions on 1.8Ts

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Is there anything fundamentally different from the 2000 and 2001 that wont allow my to install a 2000 S4 shocks and springs on my 2001 A4?
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Re: 2000 S4 suspension work on a 2001 A4? (damianp)

the weight difference will make your 2001 a4 have major gap.
S4 suspension

I need the s4 stock suspension for my A4 does anyone have this
Re: S4 suspension (Lauryn)

Do you have a 2.8?? It won't work on a 1.8T
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Re: S4 suspension (Lauryn)

quote:[HR][/HR]I need the s4 stock suspension for my A4 does anyone have this[HR][/HR]​
I do. It works great on my 2.8Q.
Great inexpensive upgrade.
Re: S4 suspension (damianp)

Dito. love the S4 suspension on my 2.8Q. however, I'll definitely be upgrading the sway bars to tighten things up a bit more.
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Re: S4 suspension (GBGTI)

No i have a 1.8. I didnt' know it would only work for a 2.8. then does anyone have a stock sports suspension from an A4
Re: S4 suspension (Lauryn)

look in the Vortex classifieds adn also audiworld.com classifieds. try ebay too. I think I've seen them around.
The reason the S4 setup won't jive on a 1.8T is (mainly) the difference in weight of the cars.
good luck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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I do...

I upgraded my S4 suspension to coilovers, and I had my regular S4 suspension for about 1.5 years (15K miles).
I'm in Boston, and I go to New Jersey to visit friends quite a bit.
Maybe we can meet up. Send me e-mail, [email protected], if interested.
I have no use for it, so just make reasonable offer.
Will S4 suspension fit an A4?

I've been looking in my Bentley Manual and they only have one section for suspension for both the S4 and A4. I need some rear struts real quick to replace my sport ones that are shot.
Will a set of S4 struts and springs bolt into my A4 and work properly? I can get them really cheap and figured that they would cover me until I have enough free cash for a real set of struts/springs.
Re: Will S4 suspension fit an A4? (turbo90awd)

i was wondering that as well, earlier.... from what i read around, the suspension stuff will all fit and work, but due to the difference in weight (of car/motor) the compression rates/wheel gap, etc.. might be off.
or thas' what i gathered anyway.
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S4 Suspension on an A4

I'm a newb and I've got a question! I have a 1998 A4 2.8Q 5spd with the stock sport package. I was wondering if a 2000 S4 suspension would fit on it? And also how much lower would it be? Noticable? If anyone has done it, feel free to show me some pics too! Thanks!
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Re: S4 Suspension on an A4 (mcla0156)

Ok, so I see a post just like mine is already on here....shoot. Well....suggestions on different suspension setups? Price is an issue. And I don't need racetrack stiff either, thanks again!
A4/S4 suspension

Are B5 A4/S4 shocks/struts interchangeable?
Re: A4/S4 suspension (VRUM VR6)

c'mon man..you know how this works..hit the lil search button..it dont hurt, i promise.
Re: A4/S4 suspension (pagermancarlover)

Quote, originally posted by pagermancarlover »
c'mon man..you know how this works..hit the lil search button..it dont hurt, i promise.

that's not true, i have heard that the search button zaps you electronically through all compatible mouses (mice?) if you enter in "1.8 vs 2.8" or "chip"
Re: A4/S4 suspension (pagermancarlover)

FYI, search is not working. Does anyone honestly answer any questions here?
Re: A4/S4 suspension (VRUM VR6)

not on fridays
but hey
HERE'S SOMETHING. a thread on the first page of this forum that covers this.
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Audi A4 to S4 suspension conversion

What is involved in doing this conversion. I would like to have the wider stance of the S4 in my audi. I will be doing a suspension overhawl soon and wanted to now if it is possible. I have a 2000 avant quattro. Thanks.
Re: Audi A4 to S4 suspension conversion (hairyspheers)

Sense; this thread makes none.
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