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Salesguy drueling over my 1.8T 4 door

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I went to my VW dealership today to look over their current Golf selection. They had a 4 door GLS TDI. I've been mulling over the issue of whether or not I made a mistake buying my '01 1.8T GLS 4 door instead of a TDI. Anyway, when the salesguy saw that it was a 1.8T Golf, his eyes glazed over and I could see the used car $$$$ in his eyes. Anyway, the TDI was pretty cool, but the power was totally lagging. This car was gutless. So, needless to say, I have a new appreciation for my 1.8T Golf and he reaffirmed that the 4 door was pretty special
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Re: Salesguy drueling over my 1.8T 4 door (Golfn'it)

glad your like your car but please don't insult the TDI as gutless.
Our engines are not gutless. They have plenty of useable power but you need to know how drive it they are really different than gassers. Plus we get 2x the gas mileage as you.
Sure were aren't as fast, but that's not the reason for the TDI, it's fuel economy with a punch!
Re: Salesguy drueling over my 1.8T 4 door (craig20v)

quote:[HR][/HR]guess I haven't been paying attention, diesel in my area is more than premium!!!

when did this happen?[HR][/HR]​
Mine is the price of plus (89oct, medium fuel) right now b/c it's winter. As soon as it warms back up my fuel will drop below regular.
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