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Salesguy drueling over my 1.8T 4 door

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I went to my VW dealership today to look over their current Golf selection. They had a 4 door GLS TDI. I've been mulling over the issue of whether or not I made a mistake buying my '01 1.8T GLS 4 door instead of a TDI. Anyway, when the salesguy saw that it was a 1.8T Golf, his eyes glazed over and I could see the used car $$$$ in his eyes. Anyway, the TDI was pretty cool, but the power was totally lagging. This car was gutless. So, needless to say, I have a new appreciation for my 1.8T Golf and he reaffirmed that the 4 door was pretty special
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Re: Salesguy drueling over my 1.8T 4 door (Golfn'it)

Just be glad your "salesman" didn't order the same friggin' car after you ordered yours. A salesman saw my car, tried to buy it before me, but for some weird reason
I got first pick on the car because I ordered it. VW's are a rare thing where I am from. After the salesman recieved his GTi exactly like mine, two other employee's of the dealership ordered the exact same car

So now there is 3 2002 Reflex Silver GTi 1.8T's / Black Leather Interior / 17" alloys running around here. THEN this weekend I saw an 18-wheeler unloading GTi's at the dealership. Every single car was either a Silver or Black GTI 1.8T w/ 17" alloys. I know a salesman and he told me every single one of the GTi's shipped in were ordered specifically after seeing the 3 employee cars. Eish, its nice that I have evidentally started a VW trend here, but rarity was a factor for my choice.
KrautFed in Alabama
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