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Sarasota, FL Winter Treffen (1552 Designs)

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The search wasn't working when I posted this so I hope this isn't a second post. Is anyone setting up a meeting to go to the car show on Sunday at the 1552 shop? Or to the "races" on Saturday?
quote:[HR][/HR]Winter Treffen 2002

Winter time….long, cold, snowy days, no VW/Audi shows. Not exactly true! Once again, we’d like to invite everyone to join us for another fun time at Winter Treffen 2002, here in warm and sunny, Sarasota, FL! With hardly any promoting or advertising, we’ve managed to attract a very healthy amount of well tuned cars at this event in the past. We’d like to think that this year will be even bigger!
With the help of our friends at VWVortex, AudiWorld, and Suncoast Porsche/Audi/VW, we’ve managed to organize a full weekend of fun for everyone that attends. For everyone who shows up early that weekend, we invite you to join us over at our local drag strip, Bradenton Motorsports Park (Desoto Speedway) on Saturday, February, 16th from 8am-3pm. Since this will not be a VW/Audi specific event, and other cars will be present, we recommend getting there early if you’d like to race your car. Racing will take place from 8am-noon only! All entry and racing fees will be completely free!!
After we leave the track, we’ll have our store open from 4-7pm. We’ll have plenty of merchandise to offer, from all your favorite companies!
On Sunday, February 17th, we’ll be having our “show and shine” at our store, from 9am-3pm. Admission is absolutely free! Like last year, we’ll be doing “people’s choice” style voting, where everyone stands a chance at winning some money! Check out the link below to see what classes we have set up. We’ll also have APR on hand offering their chip tuning magic to anyone who’s interested! Wouldn’t you like to see your own car in one of the top VW/Audi magazines? Here’s your best chance! We’ll have Eurotuner, European Car, VW Trends, and Performance VW on hand covering the entire weekend, and looking for feature cars! To top it all off, our good friends from Suncoast Porsche/Audi/VW will be on hand, personally preparing some of the best burgers, dogs, and beverages……completely free of charge!! Free food and drinks at a VW/Audi event? Out of control! Who’s ever heard of such a thing!
We’d like to welcome everyone to attend, and don’t forget, guys pack your swim trunks, and girls bring your bikinis!
For further information please visit one of the links below.
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Re: Sarasota, FL Winter Treffen (mbuxton)

Yeah, there is a group of us rolling in from Texas. We will be in Sarasota on Friday. We plan on being at the track on Saturday and at the show on Sunday, not to mention whatever is going on Saturday night. Billy, Zerin, myself and others will be there.
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Re: Sarasota, FL Winter Treffen (houstonspeedfreek)

I am going also. central florida here.
Re: Sarasota, FL Winter Treffen (GTeyeVR6)

I will be there Saterday and Sunday, us Tampa/St Pete people are meeting up on Saterday.
Re: Sarasota, FL Winter Treffen (-=VdubGuY=-)

Keep this in your events and gatherings forum please.
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