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Thought I'd share my accidental new Grill finish on my A4...I'd did'nt realize at 1st until someone at Audiworld mentioned that my co-worker and I actually made an
RS6 looking custom grill trim.
I Painted my stock Upper & Lower grill trim mettalic grey a few months ago,but it was starting to chip and flake just from weathering and probably road debri....So I decided to do it right and have it sandblasted and lightly sanded at the shop where I work before prime and painting them again. After Sandblast and cleaning them to be prepped and for my friend to prime & paint it, I looked at them and realized....... Hmmmm Brush satin Aluminum finish!!...just like the sill trim piece on our A4's
trunk..I would probably spray them with clearcoat later to protect the satin finish.Whaddyathink?!?

AFTER: Satin Aluminum finish look

Modified by Bolo at 8:51 PM 5-13-2003
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