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As you may know, europersona.com is a fraudulent business which has stolen from many audiworld and vwvortex members. I have contacted the company that hosts his website in an effort to have his domain shut down. If anyone else has also gotten scammed, please email [email protected], and make sure to put "complaint about europersona.com" in the subject line. A copy of the email I sent is below. Thanks all for your help.
To whom it may concern:
I am writing in reference to a domain registered with you: europersona.com. This is a fake business and has defrauded multiple individuals, including myself. I personally paid for an Audi rs4 grill through paypal several months ago, and still have not received the product. Michael, the "owner" of the business, has made up lie after lie about invalid shipping addresses and losing emails. It has now been over 2 months, however, and the grill still has not arrived. The seller has also never taken the intiative to contact me in an effort to resolve these so-called shipping problems.
Europersona.com does a lot of their advertising through automobile message boards such as audiworld.com and vwvortex.com. Below I provide a series of links to posts on these websites, which show that europersona.com has stolen money from other people besides myself. At one point, michael from europersona.com provides an address for his supposed "shop," but when a member of the website drove out to this address, there was nothing but a wooded vacant lot.
I am going to encourage other people who have gotten scammed to contact you as well. I would like to see this website shut down, so that no more crimes are committed. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do or any other information that you may need. Feel free to call me at ***-***-**** as well.
Emile N. Brown

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Re: Scammed by europersona? Help me out (bludevila4)

Well this was their response. Anyone got any other ideas? I don't think the cops are going to do anything.
Dear Mr. Brown,
Thank you for contacting Network Solutions.
With regard to your inquiry, although we appreciate
your interest in the activities of our domain holders
it is not the responsibility of Network Solutions,
to "police" the Internet.
On November 1, 1999, a three-judge panel of the U. S.
Court of Appeals for the Ninth-Circuit ruled that Network
Solutions has no responsibility or duty to police the rights
of trademark owners concerning domain names.
If the domain owner in question is conducting criminal
activity we would ask you to defer to either the police
or the proper authorities.
Best regards,
Network Solutions, Inc.

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Re: Scammed by europersona? Help me out (bludevila4)

Your best bet is to go to the companies hosting the site; NetSol very rarely will do anything. From the WHOIS info, it looks like his site is hosted by Propagation Networks, or at least his DNS is.:
Administrative Contact:
Propagation Networks (AD3698-ORG) [email protected]
BEDFORD, TX 76021-5865
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