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SCCA 2/23 snow/ice tsd rally in Rochester NY...

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"There and Back Again" SCCA 2/23 snow/ice tsd rally in Ithaca NY...

Anyone here planning to go to this? I'm entering my Audi in it, and some of my club members are going as well. Just wondering if I should keep my eyes out for any of you vortex peeps.

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Re: SCCA 2/23 snow/ice tsd rally in Rochester NY... (robgti)

Yeah that's correct. You gonna be there?
Re: SCCA 2/23 snow/ice tsd rally in Rochester NY... (robgti)

AHH who cares
I'm driving 6-7 hours just to get there
I guess you're really not into it rallies then

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Re: SCCA 2/23 snow/ice tsd rally in Rochester NY... (robgti)

It's alright, I was misinformed about the location of the event, so thus I changed the title accordingly. Either way, I'm still going! I love these rallies...both performance (off-road full speed racing) and road tsd (time-speed-distance). I enter my cars in tsd road rallies, and watch the performance rallies. I've already entered my corrado in two road rallies, and now for this one in Itaca, I'm taking my audi 80q, which should be a blast in the snow!
Anyway, let me set the record straight about TSD road rallies, since a lot of people here probably don't know the difference, and are scared to bring their cars out to one. Here are some direct quotes from the SCCA's website (http://www.flr-scca.com):
"Two or more people, in ordinary cars, on regular roads, within the legal speed limit, make up a rally team. The goal is to drive on time — not early or late. Each team needs a wristwatch set to match rally time; something to write on and write with. For night rallies a flashlight or other interior lights are needed to read instructions."
No Experience Required!
"A car rally is contested by a two person team within the legal speed limit, in ordinary cars, on regular roads. The challenge is to drive on time—not early or late (it's not a race)."
And now for what they have to say about performance rallies:
"Performance Rally is, quite simply, the most exciting, demanding, and satisfying motorsport sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America. It requires the finesse of Solo, the skill of track racing, the precision of rallying, and more courage and sheer determination than all of them. It is flat-out racing...against the clock, against an unknown road, against the elements, against other competitors, and against yourself."
There ya have it everyone. There's much more to automotive events other than shows and drag racing! And you'd be surprised, there are plenty of VW/Audi enthusiasts at these events. All that have never done a tsd rally nor seen a performance rally should check them out sometime...trust me you'll be hooked

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