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Scirocco 16v exhaust replacement

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Well the rear muffler on my Scirocco 16v finally rusted out so it now has a large hole in the side. Time for a new exhaust system. I'm looking for a QUIET system with perferably DTM style tips. Anyone have any suggestions for a system with low noise and good prformance. Is Leistritz still selling exhausts, I never see any ads for the product anymore?
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Re: Scirocco 16v exhaust replacement (4string)

Forget Leistritz. They suck. Had one for about a year, then got the Techtonics. Night and Day difference. The TT has way better midrange torque. You can choose the muffler, and get a resonator if you want it quiet.
Re: Scirocco 16v exhaust replacement (SII16V)

Just my .02... The guys at TT suggested the Dynomax when i told them I was more interested in quiet, with the SS cat-back but I changed my mind and ordered the Borla muffler w/ it instead after numerous posts from other vortex-ers re: the quality difference between the two. Not installed yet so no first hand opinion on sound level.
Re: Scirocco 16v exhaust replacement (Indiana Red)

I like my stock system(with custom hollow cat
) just fine. Even when I had it off the car from the cat back, it didn't make much of a difference... Stock is EXPENSIVE though... Just forget I said anything
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