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Re: scirocco quads (MaDcAp225)

Politely pirated, but not by me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.......
pic's didn't make it....
Welcome to:
Wyatt's "I wanna sexy Wabbit" Mk1 Scirocco Headlight Conversion Pageola El Presidente!
Here's my former blue bunny with the conversion. Look carefully while reading my explaination of steps. After about 300 e-mails from people wanting to know how to do the conversion, and about 300 replys from me saying that I can't type it all up.....here's the report:
1. Get a early-type Mk1 Scirocco grille (its a two piece) and both left and right headlight bucket assemblies. Make sure there are NO CRACKS in the grille, especially in the holes where the grille fastens to the headlight buckets!!!!! In most cases, make sure the headlight retainer rings are complete (some come apart at the spot weld) and nice looking. I payed $20 for the grille and $20 for the headlight buckets....all in rust free condition.
2. Obtain a good Dremel tool and a barrel cutter bit for it. (you're gonna make one hell of a mess, so you may want to do this whole operation outside or in a sweepable garage). The barrel cutter makes flat cuts, somewhat like a planer.
3. Let the fun begin!
4. Remove both square headlights and both turning signals.
5. Inspect the outer "silver" frame of your original Rabbit grille. If its damaged you will need to find a grille that has a good outer frame. The Scirocco grille fits inside the Rabbit outer frame after some fitting, so you'll need a good outer grille.
6. Gut out the center of the Rabbit grille, and use the Dremel tool to cut away all nibs on the inside of the frame, making a flat surface for the Scirocco grille to fit in. It is a good idea to remove the grille from the car for this part.
7. Be patient when using the Dremel cutter. It can sometimes "run away" from you and cause serious damage to your hand or your project. Practice on some junk plastic until you have a steady hand and are confidant to continue. It sucks when you have to spend more $$$ just because you goofed on one cut!
8. Notice that on the outer edge of the scirocco grille, there are some plastic line molds that must be cut off. Use your mind here, kids. You will need to carefully cut all the molds away so that the scirocco grille fits flatly and square inside the Rabbit grille.
9. After you fit the parts nicely, run screws thru the scirocco grille to the rabbit grille to fasten.
10. Now for the cool part.
11. You will need to cut off the original scirocco turning signal mounts on the headlight buckets to make room for the original rabbit turning signals. Just get a cutting torch and cut them off as close to the outer bucket as you can. I used a plasma cutter which is easy as cake, but some of you RabbitHeads will probably prefer ffffire! Fire! FIRE!!!! Huh Huh F_I_R_E!!! Just as a note, you will need to trim the ends of the scirocco grille slightly to fit between the two rabbit turning signals!
12. You may need to buy headlights for the buckets...DO IT!
13. The buckets are held to the scirocco grille with two screws each. One on top, and one on bottom. Attach them to the grille and then fit the entire assembly into the rabbit grille if you hadn't done so already.
14. A little more cutting: Notice that there are two small supports in front of the radiator core which will not permit you to immediately install the new conversion. You will need to cut them away with a Dremel tool cutting disc! (hope you bought one of those too!)
15. Assemble using your best artistic judgement and hook up the outer headlights.
16. To hook up the inner high-beams....wire up a switch!
17. Make some 1" thick stabilizer straps using your best judgement to support the headlight cups....all that's holding them up at this point is the plastic grille via 2 screws!
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