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I thought, if only he would do $6500...
Does anyone have a nice set of the factory burgundy seats, or burgandy covers? These have the integral headrest.
in 91 I was living in Germany and had to score a set of wheels.
wanted this perfect Green with brown interior 1.6 110 hp Scirocco like lady driven looked perfect. DM8000 = $5000
settled for an 81 GTI with same 1.6 engine DM4000

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Just brought it home 330 miles behind my 97 TDI Passat 70-75 with the AC on. Drank the fuel but certainly up to the task. I spent little time examining the car as it is really really nice. Pinch welds on rockers and floors perfect It was painted with glass out, dash out, doors striped, 25 years ago and in storage since. Guy chased some chick to Canada and basically left his stuff and the house for years. got Bilsteins with black springs will get a closer look soon. came with 6 or 7 snowflake GTI rims. All Nuespeed bars except the rear triangular bar. The lower front stress bar is mounted. Had a Scirocco and Passat full of boxes of parts. Peeked in the top dont really know what all is in the boxes. Did see a couple of cats did CA have 2 cats in 78? Also a 83-84 GTI gauge cluster for the console. I gotta dig thru this stuff hardware is bagged and tagged what the heck is all this?? Car had a set of outter CVs bolted in the wheels.
Everything was from Cali in the 90s, also clean cali title signed by guy in Canada
The motor is a 2.0 Brasil Industrial Hydraulic Long block priced at $1750 in 1999 new block ancillaries like a bare block had to buys dipstick tube, crank pulley, t-belt covers seperate,
Head Port and polish + cam $550
a total of $2980 in 1999
came with a typically nasty, not real bad just the normal stuff, 5 speed. Havent checked code just loaded it in passenger floorboard of Passat

The guy with the car, Travis, is nothing but a great stand up guy, a pleasure meeting him and getting the car. Super car guy with 10+ cars and some actual Aussy built Holdens ordered legally and picked up at Chevy dealer.
check his site out: Celebrity Machines | Metal Stamped | Replica Prop License Plates

I get BnB in Columbus IN, some 30 minutes out.
You haul has rig at 1000
I go to hook up and battery is low, 1 year old, spins barely, wont start, hafta jump it
Im like FK; DVM shows battery voltage at output of alternater, like 11.9V
the FN trailer lights would not work right as it was like 9V back there.
Sitting there running out the <12V battery futzing with the lights
Uhaul chick says I gotta take this truck around the block
She turned the corner,
I slammed the trunk and headed for Travis's place wondering if the car will make it
only 10 mins away, I spot the car, and he come cruisin up on SBS.
after a sec I told him I had alternator problem
and he is naturally concerned, "Whats the plan"
get an alternator
Guys has all the parts stores on speed dial
a few calls and its Auto Zone on Washington
he gives me a snow plow Dodge 4x4 with the plow removed, AC Satelitte radio
get the part and get back
Travis helps me with the alt and he already knows all the bolt sizes
He had some Corrados, Sciroccos, back in the day.
He keeps me primed with cold water and it was plenty warm and muggy
Then he and his neighbor helped me put all the boxes in the 2 cars, we planned where the heavy parts would ride as the TDI is on BilsteinSports+H&R
While I appreciate getting the car, being treated like family in a less than desirable situation, by such a great and humble guy was the best. I cant say enough: brotherhood.
Lights worked, hit the road
330 miles 5ish h 60, 70+ no problem, cept for the smoke from the hot rod TDI. Cruise and AC. 97 Passat 415K miles
I am gonna give it a bath and a buff, dig thru the boxes looking for that quaife or whatever and report back

I realized while driving home there was no backseat, hatch cover. I can imagine it was left in a shop, a garage, somewhere lost in the fog of 25+ years. looking for a back seat. tan or the burgandy??

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I had a secret source nearby, numerous mk1 mk2 stuff out in the woods complete cars, haggerty stuff. A guy I met at VW show 30 years ago and his dad. Went to look him up and realized he passed away. I gotta drive up see if cars are still there and family will sell anything.

I just got a new Sachs HD clutch and a few brake components on the way
Engine is UUA trans is 2H 83 GTI
master cylinder is stamped vw and 21 I do not want to give it up, havent found a kit for it. maybe it will just work
on the hunt for a decent back seat, rear deck, fronts, door panels, prefer black but not choosey

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There's some work to do but that looks like a very solid start. I can't tell if that's pristine original paint or a high quality respray, but either way the body looks stellar (y)
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